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Integrating Meal Prep into Your Health Coaching Practice: A Quick How to Guide

As a new or seasoned health coach, you understand the importance of providing valuable resources to your clients weekly to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. 

One tool that can be incredibly helpful for your clients is introducing them to meal prepping, also often referred to as meal prep.

Meal prep refers to planning, preparing, and organizing meals in advance, often done weekly or biweekly. Many people choose meal prep to save time and money and make healthier food choices.

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There are numerous benefits to meal prep for clients in terms of convenience and health. By taking the time to plan and prepare meals in advance, clients can save time and energy throughout the week. 

They can also save money by buying ingredients in bulk and reducing the need for takeout or expensive prepared meals. In terms of health, meal prep allows clients to have more control over the ingredients and portion sizes in their meals, which can help them make healthier choices. 

It can also make it easier for clients to stick to the specific diet or nutrition plan you provided. Overall, meal prep can be a valuable tool for clients looking to improve their time management, budgeting, and health.

As a health coach, you can help your clients make the most of meal prep by teaching them about it and providing them with resources and weekly guidance. One way to do this is using an ebook, such as our Canva template on meal prepcanva meal prep ebook template with cover page and table of contents

This template includes everything you need to create a comprehensive resource for your clients, including sections on the benefits of meal prep, how to get started, and tips for success. Plus, we've included several bonuses to help your clients implement their newfound knowledge. 

These bonuses include worksheet resources related to meal prep, a five-day challenge workbook, and a sample email sequence that goes with the five-day challenge.

Here are a few ways you can use our Canva meal prep ebook template to benefit your coaching business:

  • Offer it as a lead magnet to attract new clients and grow your email list
  • Run a free or paid 5-day challenge to grow your email list
  • Sell it as a stand-alone digital product to generate income for your business
  • Use it as an upsell for your coaching services, bundling it with a coaching package
  • Provide it as a resource for your existing clients to help them succeed in their health and wellness journey

Our meal prep ebook template is easy to customize to fit your brand and style. Open the template in Canva, edit the text and images to match your coaching niche and client base, and have a professional-looking ebook and resources ready. 

canva template meal prep 101 ebook template bundle

Help your clients take control of their health and wellness by providing them with valuable resources, such as our meal prep ebook template.